Stan’s Charts

Meat Production
U.S. Beef Production
U.S. Broiler Production
U.S. Pork Production


U.S. FI Beef Slaughter Weights
U.S. FI All Beef Carcass Weights
U.S. All Cow Slaughter
U.S. Cattle Cycles

Cattle On Feed Report
Cattle on Feed
Cattle on Feed – Placements
Cattle on Feed – Marketings

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
U.S. Wheat
World Wheat
U.S. Corn
World Corn
U.S. Soybeans
World Soybeans
U.S. Cotton
World Cotton

Futures Charts with Seasonality
July 2017 Wheat
March 2017 Wheat
December 2016 Corn
September 2016 Feeder Cattle
March 2017 Feeder Cattle
May 2017 Feeder Cattle
October 2016 Live Cattle
April 2017 Live Cattle
July 2017 Cotton
December 2016 Cotton


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